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Dr. Li Hong Fen – Professor of Chinese medicine combined with Western medicine and medical plants

Dr Li has led or participated in nine research projects in China, and two of her herbal based remedies have been patented in China and some other countries . Some of her and her team’s research projects on cancer and asthma in China and Israel are as follows:


Research with "Anti-Cancer Number One” (ACNO) on NK cells and tumour suppression at Tel Aviv University of Israel.


The clinic effects of 210 cases middle and late stage lung cancer patients treated by Chinese medicine and combine with chemotherapy.


Clinical observation and experiments in treating asthma with ‘Xiao Chuan Ling and Xiao Chuan Ping’ and treating cancer with ‘Anti-Cancer Number One (ACNO)’ to eliminate the root cause and symptoms of disease. This project was supported by the Administrative Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China.


Manufacturing and analysis of "Reinforce Origin Granule" for asthma prevention. The project has gained the Third Award of the Health Ministry of China.


Treating cough with Wan Beimu, Chuan Beimu, Zhe Beimu. The obvious effective rate was over 80%.


Treating 100 asthmatic patients with Shegan Mahuang Tang. The obvious effective rate was 90%.


Chinese medicine: "Ping Chuang Chong Ji" against asthma in Tel Hashomer Hospital of Israel. The effective rate is 90%.

A Fusion of Chinese and Western Medicine

There are more than 100 different types of cancer known to medical science. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are recognised forms of treatment, but are of variable effectiveness, especially in the more advanced stages of the disease. In case of surgery the patient’s immune system is depressed during the immediate post-operative period. This may have bad effects on the patient’s defense against the cancer cells remaining in the body and lead to recurrence of cancer within months to a year or so after the surgery.

Surgery, in particular, is the treatment of choice in the early stage of many cancers, but many patients are beyond that option by the time their disease is recognised. At that time, while radiation and chemotherapy are indicated, they are often associated with serious toxic side effects such as severe weakness, loss of hair, bone marrow depression, damage to liver, kidney, ovaries, etc.

Dr Li’s constant interest since University has been the integration of orthodox western treatments with traditional Chinese medicine. She has tried to broaden the contact between Chinese herbal medicine and western medical science.


In China, Israel and the UK the results of research have supported the effectiveness of combining Chinese medicine with pharmaceutical medicine and emphasised the importance of continuing and expanding this research. The basic approach of Chinese Medicine is to treat the whole patient, and not just focus on a single site of illness such as a tumour.


Previous research in China has shown that Chinese Medicine can inhibit cancer cells while increasing the effectiveness of the patient’s immune system. In addition, Chinese Medicine increases the patient’s good response to other therapies, diminishing the toxic effects of radiation and chemotherapy.


Research in Israel and the UK has shown that those who have integrated herbal treatment with orthodox pharmaceutical treatment have a better chance of surviving their cancer and its treatment. The products of the combination of two highly fertile cultures: Chinese and Western.