Dr. Li Hong Fen – Professor of Chinese medicine combined with Western medicine and medical plants
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In 2016, it was reported that 8.2 million people die each year from cancer; an estimated 13% of all deaths worldwide. A 70% increase in new cases of cancer were then expected over the next twenty years.


There is a great need to find new ways to treat cancer, which are more effective, on the one hand, in improving the chance to cure and, on the other hand, ameliorate the side effects and adverse reactions of conventional treatment.


Traditional Chinese Medicine based on herbs, plants  has a 3,000-year history of use in medical orthodoxy in China. In particular, herbs and other plants have been used successfully as anticancer treatments. The amount of research in Western countries on Chinese anticancer herbs using modern methods of analysis has been very small.


Dr. HongFen Li, a highly qualified doctor who graduated in China in 1975, accompanied by teams of  national professionals, has led research on the integration of Western and Chinese traditional medicine in China, Israel and the UK.


The fundamental aid that traditional Chinese medicine can give to the patient undergoing Western chemotherapy is in strengthening the immune system and the whole body while patients undergo treatment.

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